Review of Juzz 12

🔶Dawrah E Quran Juzz 12🔸

📍Review of Juzz 12
▪️To enter Jannah, one must do good deeds but it is attained through the Mercy of Allah.

▪️The quality of actions will determine the level of Jannah one enters.▪️Allah loves those who stay clean and pure.

▪️Quran is better than all that people amass.
▪️Some Masajid are built with the intention of harming Muslims.
▪️Life is precious, Never ask for death.
▪️A good person may increase his good deeds with a long life and an evil person might repent and do tawbah.

▪️Sadaqah extinguishes the anger of Allah.

▪️Our job timings are an Amanah and should be completed.
▪️If one does good deeds consistently, Allah rewards with same even when one is sick and unable to do the good deed.

▪️The one who doesn’t seek knowledge, stays away from amal as well.▪️Every difficulty has two ease.▪️Quran is Shifa and Rahmah.

▪️Adab of Quran is necessary to attain benefit from it.
▪️Qualities of those that do business with Allah, Taa’eeboon, Aabidoon, Haamidoon, Saaihoon, Raakiioon, Saajidoon, Aamiroona bil Ma’roof Wan Nahoona Anil Muknar, Hafizoona li hudoodillah.
▪️Reward in Allah’s path is according to the sacrifice.
▪️When people turn away, make dua:
حَسْبِيَ اللَّهُ لَا إِلَٰهَ إِلَّا هُوَ عَلَيْهِ تَوَكَّلْتُ وَهُوَ رَبُّ الْعَرْشِ الْعَظِيمِ
📍Book Shahru Ramadan

🔺Ramadan is Mubarak.▪️Barakah means increase in something, abundance of a thing, increase in all khair(good).▪️The reward of each good deed will increase.▪️Mubarak means receiving abundant Khair from it.

🔺The doors of the heavens are opened.
▪️All good deeds, salah, fasts, sadaqah, duas raises up to the heavens.
🔺In Arabs, when water accumulated in a place, it was called بركه.
▪️Water is essential for life and a source of many benefits.
▪️It’s used for drinking, cooking, bathing, taharah, watering plants.

🔺Barakah also means to remain steadfast.▪️In Ramadan one receives barakah in his time, rizq, ibaadahs.

▪️We experience an increase in nawafil, amount of food, tilawah of Quran.
▪️The ibaadah of lail latul Qadr, better than a thousand months.
🔺In Ramadan books were revealed, many victories were attained.
📍Juzz 12 Surah Hud 6-123
🔺Ayah 6: Allah provides provision to all creatures, big and small and knows it’s dwelling place and its deposit.
▪️Man has yet to explore the different creatures of land and sea.
▪️Allah provides sustenance to all creatures.
▪️Allah has blessed us with abundant variety of rizq.
▪️No one has the knowledge of when and where he will die.
🔺Ayah 7: Ahsan Amal➡️Ikhlaas+According to Sunnah.
🔺Ayah 9: When Allah gives a blessing and takes it away, he is despairing and ungrateful.
▪️Ungrateful: He forgets about all the other blessings.

▪️Allah has blessed us with more than he takes away.

🔺Ayah 10: When he’s blessed, he is exultant and boastful.
▪️One should be Grateful for a blessing.
▪️Gratefulness: Recognize that it’s from Allah, accept that it’s a blessing and be happy on recieving it, mention it and share it.
🔺Ayah 11: A Mumin lives his life according to Quran and Sunnah.

▪️He does Shukr when he receives a blessing and Sabr when it’s taken away.▪️He’s able to do Sabr since he knows it’s a means of reward and expiation of sins.🔺Ayah 12: A Mumin is happy on receiving the blessing of the Quran.▪️It’s a treasure.▪️Allah honors one with this Book.

🔺Ayah 15-16: Whosoever desires only dunya and its glitter, in hereafter there is nothing but Fire and vain are the deeds they did therein.

▪️The rizq that’s written for us will reach us just like death.

🔺Ayah 17: Quran is truth, so do not be in doubt about it.
🔺Ayah 23: Believers humble themselves before their Lord.
🔺Ayah 27:

Weakness of Man is that he’s impressed with those that have more of Dunya.

🔺Ayah 38: Those who call towards Allah are mocked at.

▪️The Prophets remained steadfast despite of being mocked at, ridiculed.▪️When people mock us, remember those that have suffered more than us.▪️Allah helps those that work in a group.

🔺Ayah 41:

All Prophets began their work with bismillah.▪️Bismillah is a source of barakah.

▪️ Say bismillah 🔸at the beginning of a work 🔸when hurt 🔸when closing door at night, 🔸when closing the pots with lids 🔸Embarking on a vehicle.
▪️Eating together is a source of barakah.

▪️Learn dua for embarking on ship or vehicle.

بِسْمِ اللهِ مَجْرٖهَا وَمُرْسٰهَا اِنَّ رَبِّیْ لَغَفُوْرٌ رَّحِیْمٌ ۝

🔺Ayah 45: Prophet Nuh’s son also drowned because he disbelieved. His company caused him to go astray.
▪️Company has an effect on us.
▪️Good company makes us good and bad company makes us bad.
▪️One will regret regarding his bad company on the Day of Judgement.
🔺Ayah 46: Relationship that will last is the one based on religion and for the sake of Allah.
▪️Blood relations are temporary if they’re not on deen.
▪️Make dua for our loved ones if they’re not on deen.
🔺Ayah 52:

Benefit of Istighfar and tawbah, cause of bringing abundant rain, increase strength upon strength.

From the blessing of the day is to start it with istighfār (seeking forgiveness); it wipes out a sin that you slept with and assists in gaining the livelihood that you seek. He ﷺ said, “I have never awoken in a single morning except that I have sought forgiveness from Allah therein one hundred times.”

🔺Ayah 56: Every living creature is under Allah’s control.
🔺Ayah 58: It’s only through the Mercy of Allah that one can get out of any harm.

▪️Do deeds through which we can receive the Mercy of Allah.
يا حي يا قيوم برحمتك استغيث

🔺Ayah 61: Allah is Near and Responsive.
▪️قريب: Allah does Shafqat and Rahmat on His Slave.
▪️مجيب: Allah responds to His slaves.
▪️Allah responds to those who disobeyed.

Make tawbah and then make dua to Allah.

▪️Make dua for self.

▪️Make dua at Iftaar, istighfar at Sehri.

🔺Ayah 63: Call others with hikmah.

🔺Ayah 69: Allah blessed Prophet Ibrahim with a child at old age. He hastened to entertain his guests.
▪️Abu Shuraih reported: The Messenger of Allah, peace and blessings be upon him, said, “Whoever believes in Allah and the Last Day, let him honor his guest and recompense him.” They said, “O Messenger of Allah, what is his recompense?” The Prophet said, “It is for a day and a night, as good hospitality is for three days and after that it is charity.” And the Prophet said, “Whoever believes in Allah and the Last Day, let him speak goodness or remain silent.”
In another narration, the Prophet said, “It is not permissible for the guest to overstay his welcome such that he burdens his host.” ( Bukhari)
▪️Nothing is impossible with Allah.
▪️Respect and serve something to guests right away.
▪️Be moderate in serving guests.
▪️There’s no khair in the one who doesn’t serve the guests.
🔺Ayah 73: Allah’s blessings were with the family of Ibrahim AS.
▪️He was blessed with two sons, Ismail and Ishaaq, from Ishaaq, Yaqoob AS, from him Yusuf AS. From Ismail’s AS generation was Prophet Muhammad SAW.
▪️Make dua for blessings of Allah.
🔺Ayah 75:

Qualities of Ibrahim AS
▪️حليم Forbearing. One that has good character, does not get angry at people and punish them for their mistakes.
▪️اواه Continually making dua to Allah.
▪️منيب Turning to Allah in good and bad times.

🔺Ayah 78: رشيد The one who enjoins good and forbids evil.
🔺Ayah 86: The wealth that remains after giving rights of others is better for us.
▪️A small amount of halal wealth is better than that which makes a person neglectful of Aakhirah.

▪️Remember death often.

🔺Ayah 88:

🔺Ayah 90: Every Prophet asks his people to do tawbah and istighfar.
▪️ودود means
1️⃣One who loves, Allah loves his prophets, rasuls, Mumineeen
2️⃣means the One Who is loved. It’s the right of Allah that we love Him. Mumineen love Allah.
🔺Ayah 103: Everyone will be gathered on the Day of Judgement and all our actions will be presented.
🔺Ayah 112: Stand firm and straight on the right path.
🔺Ayah 114: Salah and wudu removes sins.
🔺Ayah 115: Allah does not waste the reward of Muhsineen.
🔺Ayah 117: Allah does not destroy towns while people are rightdoers.
🔺Ayah 120: Quran is the truth and admonition and Reminder for the believers.
📍Surah Yusuf 1-52
🔺Ayah 3: Best of Stories: Story of Yusuf AS
▪️Learn and implement lessons from it.
🔺Ayah 5:

Prophet Yaqub AS asked Yusuf AS not to relate his vision to his brothers.▪️We should hide our blessing for a certain time.▪️Unless a plan materializes and a blessing is apparent, do not reveal it.

▪️Mention and be grateful for the blessing once it has materialized.
▪️Acknowledge that it’s from Allah.
▪️Do not share dreams whether good or bad with others.
▪️Reason: To avoid Hasad (jealousy).
🔺Ayah 18:

Yaqub AS did Sabrun Jameel.▪️Sabrun Jameel has three components, Not mentioning our suffering to everyone, No mention of the difficulty, avoid saying that we’re not blameworthy.

🔺Ayah 21: Trials are a source of learning and maturity.
🔺Ayah 22:

Knowledge and wisdom are given to Muhsineen. 🔺Ayah 23: Women are a fitnah for men.▪️Allah helps the Mukhlaseen from the traps of shaitan.🔺Ayah 29: Stay away from places of fitnah.

🔺Ayah 33: : Yusuf AS prioritized his Imaan over worldly life.
🔺Ayah 37: Yusuf AS did tableegh when they were attentively listening.
🔺Ayah 52:

Yusuf AS was put to trial because of his beauty and released from prison due to his knowledge.▪️Give priority to knowledge.