*Real* Fitnah

With Trump becoming America’s President today, I think that Muslims fear further oppression in the world, and for life to get far more difficult for them specifically in the USA – and perhaps they even fear they might lose their Deen too due to the pressure on them from the Administration and society at large. 
This fear is understandable and not far-fetched. The threat is easy to see and hear, and gives folks clarity as to the danger and its source. Also, external threats are always easier to spot and focus on. 

I just wonder whether we see *internal* threats the same way.
I’ll be honest with y’all, I’m bored of Trump-terror and the super focus on the nightmare it will be (even though we should never get lazy and apathetic of course to resisting external evil with everything we have and enjoining good and forbidding evil), because I think our personal disobedience of our Creator is far bigger, more serious and more important a problem than *any* external threat. Especially Trump the plum. So I guess I am using this historic day for a personal reminder to myself whilst sitting on the train. 
The most blessed of mankind are those who fear sin and stay well away from it. 

Those less fortunate fall into that sin they feared but are blessed enough to recognise it when it happens and make amends. 

Those even less fortunate fall into that sin they feared but carry on living in that sin and don’t make amends

The most wretched of all are those who don’t recognise sin, don’t care for it, and whether in sin or not, they carry on with life without a care in the world. 
We should fear disobeying our Creator – in any single thing or way – more than anything else in the world. And we should fear its consequences even more. 
The worst consequence of all? For us to then be punished by being allowed to go astray from our Deen, to turn away from our Lord, and to take this life as our only objective. 

This is a reality that we don’t think about much when it comes to our personal sins. But we often visualise it easily with external threats, even when it isn’t likely or sure to happen. 

That’s what happens when we lose focus. That’s what happens when we make external threats bigger than our internal ones. And this, is the *real* fitnah that we should be terrified of. 
Allahumma sallim ya Rabb.