6 Quick Ramadan tips

Ramadan’s in upon us. Here are quick reminders to get us started.
1. Prepare your Dua list in advance. You’ll have many opportunities for Dua in Ramadan – those who have their list in advance will take advantage. Those that don’t, will miss out.
2. Keep your Dua list short – focus on 6 priority Duas to take your attention, energy, and passion.
3. Automate now. Buy your Eid clothes, your groceries for the month, prepare food in advance so you’re not distracted later. This will free your mind and heart for what matters.
4. Excellence does not happen by accident. Strategize and plan your good deeds in advance read Quran at a specific time, give sadaqa at a specific time, pray on time, so that your body gets into a rhythm. In time, your body will expect it and good deeds will become easy.
5. You’re not a camel. Don’t over drink or overeat to “store for later”. Our bodies don’t work like that. Eat healthy portions and drink water throughout the evening. There is blessing in suhoor, enjoy that meal.
6. Expect a dip in energy. Have mercy on yourself in that dip. Don’t throw in the towel. Pick yourself up and keep going.
May you have an outstanding Ramadan 2019.

-Sh. Muhammad alShareef

*What* will you exhaust yourself in?

Allah created us with ambitious spirits; spirits bent on toiling, grinding, and scraping to experience satisfaction, tranquility, and peace. The only variable in this equation is *what* we will exhaust ourselves in to experience that, not whether or not we will exhaust ourselves. Most exhaust themselves for a shallow and short-lived immediate return. The wise exhaust themselves a little extra for a sweeter immediate return, and an unimaginable upgrade in Jannah that continues enhancing with every moment without end.

As one of the salaf, “The hearts were made to roam, some roam around the Throne, and some roam around the sewers.”
القلوب جوالة، منها ما يجول حول العرش ومنها ما يجول حول الحش

“The unexhausted spirit only exists when a spirit has rusted or died. The spirit at peace (nafsul muṭma’inna) is actually a spirit that exhausts itself with worthy burdens (the demands of worship), or endures others that are inescapable (calamities) during the trial of life.” -Sh Ahmad Salim

Quran Gem: Flee to Allah

When Allah speaks about our pursuit of worldly matters, He uses the term, فَامْشُوا / “Walk”
{Surah Al Mulk 67: Verse 15}

When speaking about our pursuit of Salaah, Allah uses the
term, فَاسْعَوْا / “Proceed”
{Surah Al Jumu’ah 62: Verse 9}

When speaking about our pursuit of Paradise, He uses the
term, سَابِقُوا / “Race!”
{Surah Al Hadid 57: Verse 21}

But, when speaking about our pursuit of Him, Allah uses the term, فَفِرُّوا / “Flee!”
{Surah Adh Dhariyat 51: Verse 50}

Not every ambition in life deserves the same amount of effort.

With the above said, consider your own life, your own aspirations and what you invest most time in.

Is the above an accurate reflection of us?

Or have we flipped this Qur’anic standard upside down, where we ‘walk’ towards Allah, but ‘flee’ towards everything other than Him?

Let your slogan in life be the words of Prophet Musa عليه السلام who said,
وَعَجِلْتُ إِلَيْكَ رَبِّ لِتَرْضَى

” .. and I *rush* to You, my Lord, so that You be pleased.”
{Surah At Taha 20: Verse 84}

Ya Allah help us prioritize our affairs in a way that is pleasing to you – ameen ya rabbi.