Contentment & Quality

Of the Prophetic du`ās:

Ibn Abbās narrates that the Prophet (ﷺ) would make this duā, “O Allah! Make me content with what you have given me, and bless me (bārik lī) in that, and substitute everything taken away from me with (something) better” [al-Ḥākim].

In this beautiful prayer, we are taught so much wisdom! Of them is:

– Contentment is the real richness. If we are not content, we will always want more, and if we always want more, we feel we are ‘poor’. So we ask Allah to be satisfied with what has been allotted to us.

– Whatever we have is not the same from person to person. A small quantity can last longer and be more useful if Allah blesses it (the concept of ‘barakah’). So we ask Allah for His barakah in all that we have. Our wealth, our food and drink, our houses, our families – we don’t just want ‘quantity’ (for that is the richness of those who don’t understand), we actually want ‘quality’ (and that is the true richness, which only comes from Allah’s barakah).

– Sometimes, we don’t get something, or something is taken away from us. That is life! The believer asks Allah to substitute that missing component with something that would be better for him or her. Many times, what we think we want is not what will be best for us; hence, we ask Allah to give us what is actually best for us.

– All of this doesn’t mean that we don’t strive to change our situation or better our circumstances. Islam doesn’t teach us indolence! Rather, what this du`ā teaches us is that once we’ve strived and tried our best, we ask Allah for contentment and quality in what we have, and accept a hidden blessing in what we don’t have.

May Allah make us of the content, who are blessed in all that they have!

(Sh. Yasir Qadhi)

What makes you so special?



To doubt your piety is the real essence of piety.
After asking Allah to guide you to the straight path, don’t just stand there … start walking!

When we help religion, we end up helping ourselves.

Look, you’re working, you’re working. Whether it’s for good or bad, you’re working hard in this life. You might as well make it count before it’s too late. Live for Him.

‘O mankind, indeed you are laboring toward your Lord with [great] exertion and will meet Him’ 84:6


“Oh my servants, all of you are misguided. ⁣

Except whom I guide.” (Muslim) ⁣

A line from a hadith so powerful that Imam Al-Nawawi includes it in his 40 hadith collection. It begs a profound question, ⁣

“What makes you so special?” ⁣

What makes you so special that the light of faith was turned on in you? ⁣

What makes you any different than the thousands of people around you who still walk in darkness?⁣

What made it that you are guided, and Abu Talib, the one who raised the Prophet ﷺ was not?⁣

And when you realize that you’re not special, other than Allah bestowed on you this incredible gift of guidance, it invokes humility. ⁣

And gratitude. ⁣

And fear. Fear that your light may flicker when you need it most. Or that it die out. ⁣

Of the Prophet ﷺ most consistent prayers was, ⁣

“Oh turner of hearts, make my heart firm upon your religion.” Even the prophet ﷺ is asking for steadfastness constantly. ⁣

Abdullah Ibn Umar, the great companion and son of Umar ibn Al-Khattab, stood in Hajj saying, ⁣

“”O Allah, You have said, ‘call on Me – I will answer you’ and You do not break Your promise. So I am asking You, in the same way that You have guided me to Islam, not to take it away from me until you take my life while I am a Muslim.”

That’s the worry of a companion who lived in the Prophet’s footsteps. ⁣

We say 17 times a day, “Guide us to the straight path.” ⁣

There is no level of service to the religion or knowledge that you acquire where you are not in need of making this request. ⁣

So let us be humble, grateful, and fearful..⁣

but also hopeful. ⁣

Because the hadith continues with a promise. ⁣

“Oh my servants, all of you are misguided, except whom I guide,⁣

so ask Me for guidance and I will guide you.” ⁣

These are the days of accepted prayers, may Allah gift us a guidance that illuminates us until we meet Him.⁣

“Verily, those who say: “Our Lord is Allah,” and thereafter stand firm, on them shall be no fear, nor shall they grieve.” [46: 13]

Subhan’Allah, this verse is *so* apt for our current time and era. Istiqamah (remaining steadfast) is something that people struggle and grapple with in their lives. Some win, some continue in the battle, and some unfortunately will lose the fight. Sufyan (ra) once came to the Prophet (s) and said, “O Messenger of Allah, tell me something about Islam which I can ask of no one but you.” Imagine. The Prophet (s) could’ve told him about the intricate details of Islam, or the articles of faith, but at this particular moment, he decided to give him a lifelong lesson and advice. He (pbuh) said, ‘Say: “I believe in Allah” — and then be steadfast.‘” [Muslim]

Tell yourself to be upright. Inform your soul of its Creator. Remind yourself of where you’re going because steadfastness is everything. Islam is simple in many ways, but remaining upon simplicity is something people struggle with for some reason. So we go this way, and we go that way. We overburden ourselves, and then fall very short. We study but don’t implement. We know, but make excuses. We’re too harsh and then go off the rails ourselves. It’s a complete mess subhan’Allah – and much of it comes down to this: We lack steadfastness, particularly upon the simplicity and basics of Islam.

If ever you begin to experience doubts or weakness in faith, do everything that is in your power to escape that weakness and strive like you’ve never strove before until Allah saves you.

The righteous before us always used to say رب سلم سلم – ‘My Lord, grant me salvation. My Lord, grant me salvation.’

Sufyan was described as being like one who was upon a sinking ship because of how much he used to say this statement. Brothers and sisters, your Iman is your most prized possession. Every day, we are tested. And every day, Allah sends us signs. The heart and soul gather the blackness of evil thoughts, deeds, and intentions until they reach a state where they become an enemy to us, then it becomes a battle which only a few will triumph, إلا من رحم الله…

One of my favourite supplications is: اللهم لا تجعل المصيبة في ديننا ولا تجعل الدنيا أكبر همنا – ‘O Allah do not cause calamities to befall our Deen and do not make this world to be our greatest concern.’

Imagine if our greatest concern was the health of our Iman, and bond with our Maker? Your life would flourish in so many ways.

I find it very interesting that the verse above ends with

‘on them shall be no fear, nor shall they grieve.’

This is actually a statement given to the believer at the time of death and in the Hereafter. Yet here, Allah links it to steadfastness in this world. In other words, remain steadfast upon belief, and all shall be easy through life, death, and resurrection insha’Allah. As the next verse goes: “Such shall be the dwellers of Paradise, abiding eternally, as a reward *for what they used to do*.” [46: 14] – And there lies many an answer.

O Allah, save us from the trials of this world and beyond. Keep us steadfast upon your Deen and upon righteousness until we meet You, ameen.

No one else will ever have ..

How can I ask you when I am a sinner, ⁣

And how can I not ask you when You are Generous -Yahya ibn Muadh⁣

People a lot feel that they *shouldn’t* make du’a because of their sins and mistakes. ⁣

I find it amazing the prayer of Sulayman alayhi alsalaam in surat Saad. ⁣

He said, “My Lord, forgive me and grant me a kingdom such as will not belong to anyone after me. Indeed, You are the Bestower.”

He asks Allah for forgiveness, and far from being too shy to ask for anything else, he proceeds to ask Allah for a kingdom that NO ONE ELSE will EVER have, in the same breath! ⁣

And was he rebuked for that? Nope. He got it. Right away. Winds under his command… the jinn too. And Allah says, ⁣

“[We said], “This is Our gift, so grant or withhold without account. And indeed, for him is nearness to Us and a good place of return.”⁣

You are not dealing with anyone comparable to Him. His forgiveness is beyond imagination. His generosity is unrestricted. The more you ask of Him, the more you please Him, and if you were to ask Him for every little thing until your heart and imagination are exhausted, you would not have taken from His kingdom anything. ⁣

But don’t you ever stop asking Him, and don’t you ever sever your connection with Him. And if you are ever distant from Him, then it is only because you moved.⁣

It’s the last ten. It’s an odd night. Ask away.⁣

-Sh. Ammar alShukry

“Be and it is”

The difficult will be made easy, the impossible will become possible, but only when you put in the effort, and you put your trust in Allah SWT.


This phrase appears 7 times in the Quran.
3 times around the creation of Jesus.
And 4 times around the creation of the heavens and earth and the Day of Judgment.The one that I would like to explore is the powerful sequence that concludes one of the most popular chapters of the Quran, Surat Yaseen.

“Is not He who created the heavens and the earth Able to create the likes of them? Yes! And He is the Knowing Constant Creator. His command is simply when He intends a thing that He says to it, “Be,” and it is. So Blessed is He in whose hand is the realm of all things, and to Him you will be returned.” (Yaseen v. 81-83)

Allah would be able to recreate this entire universe in a moment, with a single word “Be”Stars, galaxies, would all be recreated with a single word….Life on Earth, billions of creatures, billions of people would all be recreated as simply as they were created the first time…To reflect on the power of Allah is to understand the greatness of calling upon Him, and the evil of calling on other than Him.And hence, du’a is the essence of worship, and the worst of shirk is to call upon other than Allah when He has created you.The most foolish thing is to have access to an All-Powerful God, and to never call upon Him.He can bring you back to life, don’t you think He can bring life back to you?

-Sh Ammar alShukry

Ramadan-The Month of Dua


The best therapy is the therapy of dua. Du’a is the lifeline of the believer.

The Quran starts with a DUA, not with a story nor with a warning, but with the gift of supplication. And not just any supplication, the supplication that begins with the best names of Allah and asks Allah for his guidance.

Make dua using the names of Allah that are appropriate to your dua.

Understand which name should be used for which dua. And we will only get to that level when we have studied the names of Allah. Link the correct name with what you are asking.

Have big dreams, strategize excellence, and rely on Allah. “Never lower your standard; raise your Duas.”

“It’s not about what you can do, but what Allah can do for you.”


So, Allah jalla wa ‘ala says in Yunus, 107: “If He intends good for you, no one can turn His bounty away.

You know that saying, “if you don’t ask, you don’t get”? Well in Islam, our version is a bit different: “if you don’t ask, you won’t get more”. Have you actually realised just how fortunate a position we are all in? How our Lord blesses us with so much good and ease, and no one is able to stop that or control that except Him? I mean, for starters – how incredible a favour it is from Him that we are Muslim at this moment?! And *all* of this good comes to us without any say from us, and here’s the key: without any of us even asking for it! So just imagine what could happen if we *did* actually ask. And then realise: you’re not just asking some human who might give a few times and then start to get irritated because ultimately we are a creation that loves to take and hates to give, right? No, you’re asking the Most Generous, the Most Merciful – the One Who hates to take, and the One Who *loves* to give! Honestly folks, we *so* underuse our du’a, it’s literally criminal. Not only is it an act of worship that Allah loves and we get *rewarded* for engaging in it, but via du’a we’ll protect ourselves and receive even more blessings whether in this life or the next or even both! Don’t be stingy in your du’a, be certain in your du’a, make better use of your du’a. All of what I said above can be summed up a thousand times better by a du’a that some said Imam al-Shafi’i was reported to have made:

Ya Allah, You blessed me with Islam and I didn’t ask for it. Ya Allah, bless me with Jannat’l-Firdaus and I am *asking* You for it.” Ameen.

-Sh Abu Eesa

Rasul Allah ﷺ said:

There are three whose du’aa’ is not rejected: a just ruler, the fasting person when he breaks his fast and the prayer of the oppressed person.
[Ahmad, al-Tirmithi]

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The Powerful Dua of a Parent

Oh Allah, I submit myself to you. I realise that parenting a child is a very difficult task and I turn to You in humility for Your help. I implore you for Your wisdom and guidance. Oh Allah, I know that our children are an amanaat from You, to care for and raise. Help me do that in the best way. Allow me to be a God fearing role model with all the communication, teaching and nurturing skills that I may need. Oh Allah, you know what our children need. Help and guide us in praying for our children. Oh Allah, put a hedge of safety around our children. Protect their bodies, minds and emotions from any kind of evil and harm. Oh Allah, I pray that You protect them from accidents, diseases, injuries and any other physical, mental or emotional afflictions and abuse. Oh Allah, I pray that you keep our children free from any addictions and vices. Draw them close to You for protection from every ill and evil influence of our society, whether it’s apparent to us or not. Oh Allah, grant our children hidayaah and a heart that loves to obey You. Shine Your light on any secret or unseen rebellion in their hearts and destroy it before it takes root. Oh Allah, guide them away from any pride, selfishness, jealousy, hypocrisy, malice and greed and make them uncomfortable with sins. Penetrate their hearts with Your love today and always Oh Allah make apparent to them the truth in any situation and let them not be misled by falsehood. Oh Allah, grant our children the ability to make clear decisions and let them always be attracted to good things that are pure, noble, true and just. Oh Allah, guide them in making choices that please You. Oh Allah, help them to taste the sweetness of walking with a humble spirit in obedience and submission to You. Oh Allah grant them the wisdom to choose their words carefully and bless them with a generous and caring spirit. Oh Allah, I pray that they never stray from the path of deen and that You give them a future filled with Your best promises. Oh Allah, always keep our children cleansed and pure from evil and shaytaan. Oh Allah, keep them steadfast in establishing Salaah and help them revere the Glorious Quran as Your Word and Law and to read it with understanding daily. Let it be their source of light and guidance. Oh Allah, let our daughters love wearing hijab and our sons the dress of a humble Muslim. Let their dress be a representation of their Imaan and of their love and respect for Your commands. Lead them to a position where they rely truly on Your power alone and fear You in the open and in secret. Oh Allah, make them so strong in their deen that they never encounter doubt. Oh Allah, do not allow any negative attitudes in the place of our children’s lives. Oh Allah, guide our children in honouring and obeying You, Your Rasool SAW and us as parents. Make them the coolness of our eyes. Oh Allah, fill our children with compassion and caring that will overflow to each member of our family. Oh Allah, grant them piety. Help them love, value and appreciate and respect one another with good communication between them always. Oh Allah, drive out any division between our children and bring them healing. I pray there be no strain, breach, misunderstanding, arguing, fighting or severing of ties.. Oh Allah, I pray for a close, loving, happy and fulfilling relationship with them for all the days of our lives. Ameen .