The Root of Heart’s Strength

Musa (peace be upon him) stood facing the sea with pharaoh’s army coming up behind him. He looked at the oppressed, innocent people he was leading to freedom. Their faces were covered with panic, fear, anxiety, and even hopelessness.

Some of them cried out, “”Musa! We’re doomed!””
Musa (alayhissalam) calmly and steadily replied, “”NEVER. My Lord is with me. HE will show me the way.“”

Allah then commanded Musa (pbuh) to strike the sea with his staff.
What would that accomplish?
What difference would it make?
It’s important to remember that there’s always work to be done. Quitting is not an option.
When Musa (pbuh) remained firm and did what he could do, one of the greatest miracles unfolded. The sea split. The oppressed were delivered to safety, dignity, and freedom against all odds. The oppressors were dealt with by God.

Allah has not forsaken us. We will not lose faith. HE will guide us and show us the way. We will continue to work hard to establish peace, dignity, and justice inshaAllah.

Whoever says in the morning and in the evening “”Sufficient for me is Allah, there is no god besides Him; in Him have I put my trust and He is the Lord of the mighty Throne”” seven times, Allah, may He be exalted, will suffice him for what concerns him.

حَسْبِىَ اللَّهُ لآ إلَهَ إلّا هُوَ، عَلَيْهَ ثَوَكَّلتُ، وَهُوَ رَبُّ الْعَرْشِ الْعَظِيمِ

[Abu Dawood]
– Shaykh Abdul Nasir Jangda

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