Shaytan’s traps

The 6 Affairs Shaytān attempts to cast mankind into… Ibn ul-Qayyim رحمه الله

• Take Note: If Shaytān cannot cause you to fall into evil, he attempts to minimise your good at least…So beware & strive to your best in Knowledge, Understanding, & Practice of Islām!

Protect your tongue

Al-Imam Al-Shiraazi once said: Once, I stayed up the night with my father, while everyone around us remained asleep.
I said to him: Not a single person got up to even pray two rak’ahs?

He responded: It would have been better to sleep, my son, than to speak negatively of others.

Omar ibn Abd-Aziz once said: We lived in a time when we considered righteousness, not in fasting or prayer, but in withholding oneself from speaking poorly of others, for a person who spends his nights praying and days fasting will have his deeds go bankrupt on the Day of Resurrection if he doesn’t protect his tongue.

The 8 main signs of a weak/hard heart

The 8 main signs of a weak/hard heart by Ustadh Saad Tasleem:

1.You become lazy in your ibada, lazy in your worship (ex: delaying your prayer, skipping a sunnah).

2. Being lazy in goodness…in doing good deeds, and belittling your bad deeds.

3. Recitation of Qur’an doesn’t affect you, doesn’t make your heart tremble with the remembrance of Allah.

4. Things happening around you and the world don’t bother you (earthquakes, war, death), and you don’t notice the blessings Allah swt has given you (your sight, your health).

5. Pleasures of this life become your priority and you become consumed by the duniya.

6. You become not bothered by sinning taking place around you (ex: you are in a gathering where gossiping is taking place and you don’t mind it).

7. Your own sins turn into habits.

8. You’ve lost purpose in life. You live your life in a routine of going to school/work, coming home, eating dinner, going to sleep, and doing it all over again the next day, living aimlessly and uneasily.

Companion for Life

Shortcuts are laid out through the pages of Qur’an just like shells align the seashores.

Lessons in gratitude and patience, skill and hard work, principles and the end of all matters.

Its passages teach you the plots of shaytan so you can recognize them before they engulf you.

Its verses teach you the ways out of every mistake or how to climb back out of tragedy.

Shortcuts are given to us but because we don’t open the pages enough, because we don’t make effort enough, we spend a lifetime finding out – often through trial and error.