She continues being incredible…

She continues being incredible…
Last Sunday, my kids and I sat eating breakfast with my mother on her coffee table. She stood up, took a firm step towards the kitchen, then let out a piercing scream and threw her weight against the wall in front of her. By the time I looked up, she was standing on one foot, blood gushing down from the sole of the other foot. It was a broken piece of glass, from a shattered cup or bowl perhaps. I sat her down quickly and applied pressure, and the situation was soon contained. Alhamdulillah.
As I was cleaning her up, and the tiles and carpet around her, all she kept saying was, “Alhamdulillah. Alhamdulillah.” I would’ve said that too, but her next line would have never crossed my mind.
She said, “You see? Allah is so gentle. So gentle. I had to get up. Allah made me get up… so that this doesn’t hurt any of the kids.”
I froze. Mind-blown. What makes one person get mad at God for misfortune, while another perceive the blessings in disguise instantly? Where does such a blessed reaction come from? How does one learn the unconditional love of God? How does one inculcate that humility into their psyche, and shed that obese entitlement he/she carries within?
Reality is that you can’t. You can’t will it into existence. You can’t learn it. This is the sheer bounty of Allah. It’s a treasure called faith. And He only permits it to reside in the hearts of those pursuing it.
O Allah, have mercy on the woman who showed me countless times what it means to love You.

Sh Muhammad elshinawy


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