Review of Juzz 9

🔶Dawrah E Quran 2017 Juzz 9🔶

▪️Do not be judgemental about others. They might be more beloved to Allah than us.

▪️A person’s level depends on their actions.

▪️The hearts of those entering Jannah will be purified from hatred, envy, animosity.
▪️Do not be extravagant in religious or worldly matters.
▪️Good deeds are not accepted without Ikhlaas.

▪️Focus on the blessings rather than the problems attached to it.

▪️Prepare for Aakhirah now.
▪️Actions will be weighed on the Day of Judgement.

▪️Real test of our personality is when we are faced with difficulties or obstacles.▪️Life of this world is temporary▪️The one who stays in the path of truth is the one who will reach Dar us salaam.

📍Right of Quran
🔸Haqq ul Amal
‎وَهٰذَا كِتٰبٌ اَنۡزَلۡنٰهُ مُبٰرَكٌ فَاتَّبِعُوۡهُ وَاتَّقُوۡا لَعَلَّكُمۡ تُرۡحَمُوۡنَۙ‏
And likewise We revealed this (Book) – a blessed one. Follow it, then, and become God-fearing; you may be shown mercy.
🍃The Messenger of Allah said, “Whose Faith [Iman] amongst the various creations astounds you?” They [the Companions] said, “The Angels” He said, “The Angels – Why would they not have Faith [when they are with their Lord]” They [then] said, “The Prophets” He said, “The Prophets receive revelation so how would they not believe?” They [then] said, “[Us] the Companions” He said, “The Companions whom are with the Prophets – so how would they not believe? – However the Faith of people which is amazing and astounding is those who come after you who find Books which has written in them revelation [the Qur’an] – and hence they believe in it and obey and follow it – they are the ones whose Faith is [truly] astounding.”Bazzar no. 3/318, Silsilah Ahadeeth as-Saheehah no. 3215 – [Sahih]
▪️Follow the Quran, do amal so that you may be shown Mercy.
▪️Taqwa should be increased through it.
▪️Amal in Quran brings one closer to Allah.
▪️Rabbani is the one who practices according to the knowledge, even if they’re not haafiz of Quran.

▪️Our character should be that of the Quran.

▪️There’s punishment for those that don’t do amal in Quran.
📍Juzz 9 -Surah Al-A’raf 88-206
🔺Ayah 88: All Prophets called towards worship of One, Allah.
‎▪️ تكبر غمط الناس و بطر الحق
▪️Rejection of truth is a sign of arrogance.
▪️Do we follow the commands that go against our desires?

▪️Arrogant people don’t respect those that call towards the truth.

🔺Ayah 92: Those who belied Shuaib AS were the losers.
🔺Ayah 94: Allah tests are through blessings and difficulties.
🔺Ayah 96: Allah showers those that obey with blessings.
🔺Ayah 97: Punishment of Allah can come day or night. We should be fearful of His punishment.
🔺Ayah 100: Do Istighfar to cleanse hearts of sins and prevent it from being sealed.
🔺Ayah 103: Story of Musa and Fir’aun.
🔺Ayah 104: Prophets say nothing but the truth. We should believe in the Sahih Hadith.
🔺Ayah 115:

Musa AS used wisdom and told the sorcerers to throw first.▪️Accept the decree of Allah, sometimes we’re in the frontline and sometimes we have to take the backseat.

🔺Ayah 126:رَبَّنَا اَفْرِغْ عَلَیْنَا صَبْرًا وَّ تَوَفَّنَا مُسْلِمِیْنَ
▪️ Dua of the sorcerers after they believed was for Sabr and for them to die as Muslims.
‎▪️افراغ: To pour everything out of the pot.
▪️Sabr is needed even during time of fear as well.

▪️When fearful or faced with obstacles, make dua for sabr.▪️Ask Allah to pour Sabr into our hearts.▪️Allah is with those that do Sabr.▪️Allah helps through His angels if we do Sabr and Taqwa. ( Badr)▪️Reward for Sabireen is unlimited.

🔺Ayah 131: Whenever blessed with a ne’mah, be grateful and remember it is from Allah.
▪️All blessings are from Allah. To think we were blessed due to our ilm or take credit is a repulsive thought.
▪️It’s a great blessing to realize what is the cause of a particular problem.
▪️Do not blame others or make excuses during trials.
▪️Ask Allah to show us our faults and the wisdom to learn from it.
▪️Make dua اللهُمَّ اَرِنِي حقيقةِ الأشياءِ كما هي
🔺Ayah 134: Arrogant people don’t make dua and ask others.
▪️Make dua for Self then ask others.
🔺Ayah 137:

Allah’s promise is true. Allah helps those who do Sabr.

🔺Ayah 143: Musa AS loved Allah and hence asked to see Him. But soon he realized his mistake and repented.
🔺Ayah 144: Allah accepted the tawbah of Musa AS and chose Him.

▪️Be grateful when Allah choses us for a blessing by doing sadaqah, nawafil, sajdah shukr.

🔺Ayah 145: All commands of Allah are good but some are better.
▪️Sadaqah given secretly is better than sadaqah given openly.
▪️Sabr and forgiving someone is better than taking revenge.

▪️Intelligent people give priority to better things.

▪️If someone behaves badly with me, I have to be good in return.
▪️Good people focus on the good and ignore the bad.
🔺Ayah 147: Arrogance and impatience leads one away from the path of knowledge.

▪️Knowledge is lost due to arrogance and shyness.

▪️Avoid shyness in asking relevant questions.
🔺Ayah 150: Haste makes waste.
‎▪️سرعٰى to do something in awwal waqt. It’s liked. ( Opening fast at start of Maghrib)
‎▪️عجل to do something before the prescribed time. It’s disliked. ( Opening fast before Maghrib time)

▪️Haste is from the shaitan.▪️Delaying things is disliked.

🔺Ayah 156: Allah’s Mercy embraces all things.
🔺Ayah 158: Prophet SAW is Messenger for all of Mankind.
🔺Ayah 160: A good leader organizes his team.
🔺Ayah 165: Allah saves those who do Amr bil Ma’ruf and Nahi Anil Munkar.
🔺Ayah 170: Allan will not waste the reward of those who hold fast to the book and perform As Salah.
🔺Ayah 172: Mention of Wada e alast.
🔺Ayah 174: Parable of the one that was given the Ayat, but he threw them and followed his desires is that of a dog. It symbolizes greed of this life.
▪️Shaitan leads the person of knowledge away from deen if love of dunya greater than ilm.
🔺Ayah 180: The Most beautiful Names are for Allah.
▪️Mentioned in Quran or Sunnah.

▪️Make dua with the Names of Allah.

‎▪️يا حي يا قيوم برحمتك استغيث
‎▪️يا ذو الجلال و الإكرام
🔺Ayah 187: Knowledge of Day of Resurrection is with Allah Alone.
🔺Ayah 189: Purpose of Marriage is peace and mercy between spouses.
▪️Spend difficult times with Sabr.
▪️Be Grateful for the good in your spouse.
🔺Ayah 190-195: Negation of Shirk.
▪️Feet, hands, eyes, ears are blessings of Allah. Use it to do good deeds.
🔺Ayah 196:

Friendship with Allah increases through the Quran and doing good deeds. He becomes their Wali.( Protector, Supporter and Helper)

🔺Ayah 199: خذ العفو وأمر بالعرف و اعرض عن الجاهلين
▪️Show forgiveness, enjoin what is good and turn away from the foolish.
🔺Ayah 201:

Zikr of Allah protects us from Shaitans waswasahs.▪️Say سبحان الله و بحمده

🔺Ayah 205: Make dua with humility, fear, softly, morning and evening. Best way to get out of gafhlah.
🔺Ayah 206: Sajdah tilawah can be done where the person is sitting. Wudu is not a requirement for it.
📍Surah Al Anfal 1-40
🔺Ayah 2: Believers are those who
▪️When Allah is mentioned feel a fear in their hearts
▪️When verses are recited, they increase their imaan
▪️They put their trust in their Lord.
🔺Ayah 10. Help is always from Allah. Ask Him for help.
🔺Ayah 21: Beneficial listening is when actions change.
🔺Ayah 29: Taqwa helps to differentiate between right and wrong.
🔺Ayah 33:

Sins are forgiven by Istighfar. Read Istighfar duas regularly.

🔺Ayah 36: We’ll be questioned about where we spend our wealth on the Day of Judgement.
▪️Spend it wisely.


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