Review of Juzz 6

🍃Dawrah e Quran 2017 by Dr. Farhat Hashmi

Juzz 6🍃
📍Rights of Quran
🔹Haqq At Tilawah

🔹Haqq Al Hifz

🔹Haqq At Tadabbur

🔹Haqq Al Amal

🔹Haqq At Tableegh

🔺Haqq At Tilawah▪️Best time is fajr, but can be done at other times of the day too.

▪️Learn tajweed rules so we can give the Haq of every letter.

▪️Reward for every letter is ten times.

▪️Do tilawah at night too especially Surah Al Mulk and As Sajdah.

▪️It’s permissible to have rashk with a person who does tilawah day and night.

▪️”The example of a believer, who recites the Qur’an and acts on it, is like an orange (utrujjah) which tastes nice and smells nice.

▪️Tilawah of Quran is the best kind of Zikr except the zikr that is assigned for a particular time.

▪️Do long tilawah in farz salah. It’s only possible when we’ve done hifz of some surahs. ▪️Have mushaf or recite from app in phone whenever time permits during the day and night.

📍Surah An Nisa 148-176
🔹Ayah 148: Whatever a person utters, is either a source of reward or punishment.
▪️If someone has been wronged they can mention it to a person that can help. But care should be taken not to exaggerate, curse, backbite, or transgress limits.
▪️Allah is All Knower and knows the Zaalim and Mazloom.
🔹Ayah 149: It is best to forgive, or speak good.
▪️Allah forgives the one who forgives.
🔹Ayah 150: Believe in all prophets, books, angels, the entire Quran.
▪️There is no choice in what to believe in and not to believe.
🔹Ayah 152:

Imaan is to be cherished.▪️Imaan is اليقين الجازم

🔹Ayah 153: Bani Israel asked Musa AS to show Allah in public and as a result they were struck with thunderclap and lightening.
🔹Ayah 155: Allah seals the hearts when one ▪️breaks promise ▪️one does kuffar of ayahs ▪️killing of prophets ▪️Saying our hearts are wrapped
🔹Ayah 156: Bani Israel uttered a grave false charge against Maryam AS.
🔹Ayah 157: Proof that Prophet Isa was not killed, or crucified.
🔹Ayah 158: Proof that Allah raised Prophet Isa AS with his body and soul unto Himself.

▪️Allah is Al Azeez. Allah honors His friends and protects them. Whosoever Allah protects no one can harm.

▪️Do not exposed the faults of others. Do not backbite.
🔹Ayah 160-161: Painful Punishment for those ▪️Made halal to haraam ▪️hindering from Allah’s way ▪️ Taking Riba ▪️Wrongfully devouring of men’s sustenance.
🔹Ayah 170: The word الناس indicates Quran is for all mankind and invites everyone to believe in Prophet SAW and his teachings.
🔹Ayah 171: يأهل الكتاب Adressed directly to give importance and remind that you are the people of the book, look at your deeds and actions.
▪️We need to analyze ourselves if our actions conform with the teachings of Quran and Sunnah.

‎▪️غلو to exceed the set limit in religion.▪️Do not exceed limits in your religion, have a balance.

▪️ Negation of trinity in this ayah.
🔹Ayah 172-173: Reward for those who believe in Allah and do righteousness deeds. Painful Torment for those that reject worship of Allah and are proud.

Surah Al Maida

🔹Ayah 54:


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