Review of Juzz 5

🔶Dawrah e Quran 2017 Juzz 5🔶

🔺Sifaat of Quran
▪️Noor ▪️Furqan▪️Hidayah ▪️Shifa ▪️Rahmah ▪️Mubarak ▪️Mubeen

▪️Azeez ▪️Majeed ▪️Azeem▪️Hakeem

▪️Nasihah ▪️Basheerah ▪️Nazeerah ▪️Laa Raiba feeh ▪️Preserved ▪️Faseeh ▪️No book like Quran ▪️Easy to understand for Naseehah
🔺Context of Quran


▪️Stories of Prophets and Nations

▪️Future Predictions

▪️Examples of different things

▪️All Signs mentioned so one takes heed

▪️Our own Zikr
🔺To get out of grieve
▪️Remember the nemahs of Allah

▪️Remember the khair received from those that have hurt us

▪️Take out love of dunya

▪️Hold on to Quran (Rope of Allah)

▪️Look at those below us

▪️Remember for Mumin there’s khair in everything

📍Surah An Nisa 24-147
🔺Ayah 24: Proposal cannot be sent to a ▪️Married woman

▪️One in iddat
🔸Exception: Those whom your right possesses.
🔺Women are lawful when

▪️All conditions of Nikaah are fulfilled

▪️Mahr is given. It is farz.
🔺The list of haram is limited compared to halal whether food, clothes, those lawful for marriage.
🔺Ayah 25: We should not pass judgment on someone’s Imaan, since it’s in the heart.
🔺Ayah 28: Allah wishes to lighten our burden, but we follow cultural practices to be accepted in society and create difficulty for us.
🔺Ayah 29: Do not eat money unjustly, robbery, interest,
▪️Suicide is haram. And the one who commits suicide for them is punishment of fire.
🔺Ayah 31: If one avoids Major Sins, Allah will forgive the small sins.
🔺Ayah 32:

Plan our lives according to our resources. Do not wish what others have.

▪️Men and women are created different, physically, emotionally. Women should not wish to be like men and compete with them.

▪️Allah sees the efforts of everyone and rewards accordingly, analyze our efforts.▪️Ask Allah for His Bounty.

🔺Ayah 34: Men are Qawwam, the protectors and maintainers of women.

Allah has given them qualities to fulfill this responsibility. They are physically strong and spend of their money.
▪️Allah has blessed women to be mothers and give birth to children and raise them.
🔺Righteous women are
▪️devoutly obedient to Allah and their husbands.

▪️Guard what Allah has ordered them to guard (husbands property, chastity, secrets of husbands).
🍃It was narrated that Abu Hurayrah said: It was said to the Messenger of Allaah Which of women is best? He said: “The one who makes (her husband) happy when he looks at her, obeys him when he tells her to do something, and does not disobey him with regard to herself or her wealth in a way that he dislikes.”
🔺نشوز : who does khiyanat in the special right of husband, leave husbands’s house without his will and permission.
▪️Men ordered to not seek any means against wife that returns to obedience.
🔺Ayah 36: Do Ihsaan with parents, their rights are after that of Allah.
▪️Allah does not like those that are proud and boastful.
🔺Ayah 42: On Day of Judgement no one will be able to hide a single fact from Allah. Watch Our actions in secret.
🔺Ayah 43: Method of Tayammum. Dust is necessary for tayammum.
🔺Ayah 448: Allah forgives all sins except shirk.
🔺Ayah 49: Allah sanctifies whom He wills.
🔺Ayah 56: Those who disbelieve in the ayahs of Quran
▪️Will burn in fire

▪️When skin is burned, it will be changed to other skin to taste the punishment.
▪️Successful are those that are saved from the hellfire and entered into Jannah.
اللهم أنا نسلك الجنة و نعوذبك من النار
🔺Ayah 58: Allah commands to render back trusts to whom they are due. Assign responsibilities depending on capabilities.
🔺Ayah 59: Obey Allah, the Messenger and those in authority ( except if they ask to disobey Allah).
▪️Refer to Quran and Sunnah in case of differences.
🔺Ayah 62: Catastrophes befall because of our own sins. Wisdom is to turn towards Allah.
▪️Acceptance of sin is necessary.
🔺Ayah 63: Treatment for those that harm us,

▪️Turn aside from them

▪️Admonish them

▪️Speak to them an effective word.
🔺Ayah 66: When a person puts knowledge into action

▪️it’s better for them, Allah bestowsthem with more knowledge

▪️strengthens their faith

▪️a great reward

▪️ guided to the straight path.
🔺Ayah 78: Death is certain and will come at the appointed time.
🔺Ayah 82: Do Tadabbur in Quran by studying in depth and repeatedly.
🔺Ayah 83: Confirm news before forwarding to others especially in social media.
▪️Naseeha looses effect if done all the time.
🔺Ayah 85: Whoever intercedes for a good cause will have reward for it and who intercedes for an evil cause will have a share of its burden.
🔺Ayah 86: Spread Salam (Message of peace you will also be in peace).
🍃أفشوا السلام تسلموا
🔺Ayah 92: Whosoever kills a believer by mistake

▪️he must set free a believing slave


▪️Fast two consecutive months
🔺Ayah 94: Do not pass judgement on those that do not seem to be in the right path yet.
🔺Ayah 95: Not equal are those who sit at home and those who strive in the cause of Allah.
🔺Ayah 101: Mention of Qasr Salah.
🔺Ayah 103:

Do Zikr while standing, sitting, lying down.

🔺Ayah 108: We can hide from others but cannot hide anything from Allah.
🔺Ayah 106: Ask forgiveness with certainty.
▪️If one commits sin, make wudu, pray two rakahs and ask for forgiveness.
▪️Do not wrong ourselves, it’s an Amanah on us.

▪️Pray Chast / Ishrak Nawafil or Say Alhumdulillah, Subhanallah, Allahu Akbar, its sadaqah for the 360 joints of our body.🔺Ayah 113: Knowledge of Quran and Sunnah is a great bounty of Allah on us. Be grateful for this knowledge.

🔺Ayah 114: One who reconciles between two individuals Allah saves them from the hellfire. (Husband/wife, friends)
▪️Causing discord is a sin. ( husband/ wife, Mother/Son)
🍃 It was narrated that Abu’l-Darda’ (may Allaah be pleased with him) said: The Messenger of Allaah said: “Shall I not tell you something that is better than the status of (voluntary) fasting, prayer and charity?” They said: “Yes.” He said: “Reconciling in a case of discord, for the evil of discord is the shaver.” Al-Tirmidhi said: It was narrated that the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: “It is the shaver, and I do not say that it shaves hair, but that it shaves (i.e., destroys) religious commitment.”
🔺Ayah 120: Shaitan is an open enemy. He leads man astray, beautifies sin for them.

▪️Waswasahs of Shaitan are two fold, to some he encourages to race in good deeds such that they ignore the faraiz and to some he encourages to stay back.

🔺Ayah 128: Read tasbeeh to get rid of الشح
🔺Ayah 135: Stand firmly for justice even though it may be against ourselves, our parents or our kin.
🔺Ayah 140: Leave the place where verses of Allah are being denied or mocked at.
🔺Ayah 142: Munafiq’s Salah
▪️Stand with laziness

▪️To be seen of men

▪️Do not remember Allah but little.
🔺Ayah 145: Munafiq ( hypocrites) will be in the lowest grade of fire.
🔺Ayah 147: Shukr mentioned before believing. It’s the means of increasing in Imaan.


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