Review of Juzz 3

🔺Dawrah e Quran 2017 Dr. Farhat Hashmi

Juzz 3🔺

🔹Quran is 🔅Noor 🔅Furqan 🔅Hidayah 🔅Shifa 🔅Rahmah
🔹Hasanat of dunya 🔅Health 🔅a safety 🔅Good Company 🔅Salih Children 🔅Beneficial Knowledge 🔅Tawfeeq of Amal Saalih 🔅Halal Rizq
🔹Hasanat of Aakhirah 🔅Easy Death 🔅Ease in the Questioning in the grave 🔅Easy Hisaab / Bakshish on Day of Judgement 🔅Cross Pul Sirat with ease 🔅Save from Hellfire 🔅Enter Jannah 🔅Deedar of Allah SWT

🔹Quran is Mubarak , It brings barakah in our time, work, and all matters in this life. Whoever sacrifices anything for the Quran, he receives infinite blessings.

🔹Quran is Mubeen, everyone can understand it easily.

🔹Quran is Azeez, We should respect it, not treat it like other books, give importance to it.

🔹Quran is Majeed, aIts the most authentic book, most read.
🔹Quran is Azeem, Hakeem, It has treasures of Ilm and Hikmah.
📍Surah Al Baqarah 253-286
🔺Ayah 253:

Allah has preferred some over others and this is in all things,🔸Ramadan over other months🔸Lailatul Qadr over other nights 🔸Makkah over other cities 🔸Some Messengers over others.✅Accept this difference in others ✅Ask for Allah’s Fazl

✅Respect all Prophets and do not differentiate between them

✅ Avoid dispute regarding these differences, causes division
🔺Ayah 254:

Believers are asked to spend of that which they have been given.

💫خلة : Special Friendship
🔺Kufr is two types
💫Kufr Akbar: To deny Allah, Prophets, Aakhirah

💫Kufr Asghar : To disobey Allah SWT.
🔺Disbelievers are Zaalimun.
🔺Ayah 255:

Ayat ul Kursi– The Greatest Ayah

🔸Imam Ahmad recorded that `Ubayy bin Ka`b said that the Prophet asked him about the greatest Ayah in the Book of Allah, and `Ubayy answered, “Allah and His Messenger know better.” When the Prophet repeated his question several times,`Ubayy said, “Ayat Al-Kursi.”The Prophet commented, (Congratulations for having knowledge, O Abu Al-Mundhir! By He in Whose Hand is my soul!
🔸Neither Slumber nor sleep overtakes Him 🔸 To Him belongs whatever is in the Heavens and the Earth 🔸No one can intercede with Him except with His permission 🔸He knows what will happen to them in this world and in the Hereafter 🔸No one can compass anything of His knowledge except that which He Wills 🔸His Kursi extends over the heavens and the Earth 🔸He feels no fatigue in guarding and preserving them

Read after 🔸every farz salah 🔸every morning and evening 🔸Before Sleeping

🔺Ayah 256: There is no compulsion in religion.
🔸Whoever believes in Allah, then he has grasped the most trustworthy handhold that will never break.
🔺Ayah 257:

Allah is Wali ( protector, guardian) of those who believe. He brings them out of darkness into light.

🔺Ayah 258: Dispute of Namrud with Ibraheem AS, who disbelieved even after clear signs.
🔸Allah does not guide the Zaalimun
🔺Ayah 256:

If we have doubts then ask Allah to protect ourselves from Waswasahs of Shaitan.

🔺Ayah 260: Have the right intention when asking questions regarding deen.
🔸If a person questions for soundness of heart, Allah will answer.
🔸Do not ridicule a person for his question.
🔺Ayah 261: Fee sabeelillah ( spend in the way of Allah) such a person gets rewarded 700 times or more.
🔸Reward depends on Ikhlaas, amount spend, kind of wealth (halal, doubtful, haram) situation, person ( one we like/dislike, poor/well off, relative/friend).

🔺Ayah 262: Do not follow gifts with reminders of generosity or injury.
🔺Ayah 265: Spend with yaqeen and contentment of the heart for maximum reward.
🔺Ayah 267: When we spend on others, in reality we’re giving it to Allah. See what, how are we spending?

🔺Ayah 269:

و من يؤت الحكمة فقد أُوتِي خيرا كثيرا : He to whom hikmah is granted, is indeed granted abundant good.🔺Hikmah means🔸right decision at the right time.🔸the knowledge, and the understanding of the Quran🔸one’s ability to speak and act in the correct way🔸Knowledge of deen 🔸Fahm🔸Fear of Allah✅Ask Allah for ilm and Hikmah.

🔺Ayah 277:

📍Juzz 3-

Surah Al Imran 1-91
Imam Ahmad recorded that Abu Umamah Al-Bahili said that he heard the Messenger of Allah say, “Read the Qur’an, because it will intercede on behalf of its people on the Day of Resurrection. Read the two lights, Al-Baqarah and Al `Imran, because they will come in the shape of two clouds, two shades or two lines of birds on the Day of Resurrection and will argue on behalf of their people on that Day.)
🔹Ayah 13: Do not rely on resources, trust and rely on Allah alone.
🔹Ayah 14:

Use the worldly blessings to gain the pleasure of Allah.

🔹Ayah 17:

Strengthen Taqwa, Truthfulness, Obedience, Spend in way of Allah,do Istighfar at time of Sehri.🔹Ayah 26: Read this ayah for barakah in rizq.

🔹Ayah 31: Adopt the positive attitude and sunnahs of Prophet SAW. Will get love of Allah, forgiveness of sins.
🔹Ayah 36:

Make duas for children and their generations to come for protection from Shaitaan.

🔹Ayah 38:

Allah provides sustenance to whom He wills, without limit. Make dua for self on seeing blessing of others.

🔹Ayah 51: Every Prophet called towards Allah SWT alone, who is the Rabb.
🔹Ayah 52: Ansaarullah are actually helpers of deen, Allah does not need our help.
🔹Ayah 57:

Allah does not like the Zalimun. Avoid Zulm.

🔹Ayah 64: Dawah Wisdom: Start with common grounds.
🔹Ayah 73: Right Guidance is the Guidance of Allah.

🔹All bounty is in the hands of Allah✅Ask for His Fazl.

🔹Ayah 79: Connect others with Allah not self.
🔹Rabbani: The learned men of religion who practice what they know. and also preach others.
🔹Ayah 84: Muslim, the one who obeys Allah.
🔹Ayah 85: ان الدين عند الله الاسلام
🔹Prophet SAW is the Last Messenger and his teachings are for all of mankind.
🔹All our good deeds should conform with the deen.

🔹Learn Dua
رَبَّنَا لَا تُزِغْ قُلُوْبَنَا بَعْدَ اِذْ ھَدَيْتَنَا وَھَبْ لَنَا مِنْ لَّدُنْكَ رَحْمَةً اِنَّكَ اَنْتَ الْوَھَّابُ



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