Say┬ásomething good, even if you don’t mean it!

Say something good, even if you don’t mean it.

This is how Hamza (r.a.) converted to Islam. One day AbuJahl verbally abused the Prophet (s) and threw a rock at his head causing him to bleed. A woman stood by watching and when she saw Hamza return from his hunting trip she told him what she had witnessed. 
Hamza (r) went to AbuJahl and struck him with his bow, and said: How dare you abuse my nephew while I am upon his religion?! [Sirah Ibn Hisham]

At this point, Hamza (r) had not actually embraced Islam, his tongue preceded his heart. He said what was not yet in his heart, but Allah brought it in his heart. 

Say what is good, even if you don’t mean it. 

Cry before Allah even if the tears don’t come naturally. 

Do dhikr of Allah, even if the heart is distracted. 

Say thank you and appreciate others’ efforts even if you don’t truly feel gratitude. 

Say sorry even if you don’t mean it. 

Show respect to those who deserve it… even if you don’t feel respect for them.

Perhaps we too will be gifted with something good.

~Taymiyyah Zubair